RTC Europe 2013: Delft

I must put words on my thoughts. I came back from Delft with more ideas and thoughts than effective Revit knowledge. Not because the content of the classes weren’t good enough, but because people were just extraordinary delegates. Getting feedback from attendees after your class is a fantastic experience, and those moments will remain engraved in my memory for a long time. Also, I finally met some of the guys I was in touch with through the web. Or how virtual leads to reality.
I was impressed by sharing with others. And finding people facing same issues, same sad faces at work, etc…than me. This makes me feel confident for the future, as I believe the AEC industry is moving forward today faster than before, mainly because it start to use powerful and smart tools, used by smart and passionate people. Many of them were at RTC Europe. And I’m sure there are many other all over the Europe. Fingers crossed for Dublin, let’s catch up there guys. Discussion only started, we have more to share.


PS: some phone pictures of Delft.





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