Some news from France

Hi people. It’s been a while….

A lot of things running nowadays, with a new role as part time consultant/trainer, mainly for Dynamo, the launch of Paris Revit User Group, and of course some time for my work at Groupe Legendre, not forgetting about family (even though they might disagree…..).

Anyway, I should post more often, but….let’s put this in the Shoulds book :).

As a following to the interview I had with Emmanuel Di Giacomo, find below the links to the official interview with Autodesk Communication team, and the pdf document.

I will update the post when I find the english version) (yes, I did one…..French accent included :)).



Autodesk – Julien Benoit interview

Autodesk – Customer feedback

Autodesk case study – Groupe Legendre pdf


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