Architeks Park

I was in Delft at RTC Europe inaugural event last week. I was very lucky to be a speaker there, first time class in English outside my company. My shirt was not really glad I did….

I will probably expend more later on this event, but my point here is a strange feeling I have about architects in our time: are they endangered species?

Many people I know in France from various companies or positions made the same observation, and it was many times confirmed in Delft: architects are reluctant to embrace BIM workflows, or at least invest time and money on software able to take part in a BIM workflow.

I don’t judge here, even if I have my opinion. We have a problem in France with the number: too many architects for so few jobs, and many students graduating each year………….. to sell Big Macs (it’s a just a “funny” guess but I know there’s really a high unemployment rate). But it is absolutly not the only reason.

Many Delegates in Delft were structural engineers from Northern countries, some were from construction companies from a wide sample of European countries. I spoke with many, and they all told me that architects in there area were the last discipline not in movement to adopt isolate BIM or like. I even heard that some projects were BIM is mandatory could start without even a real architect, by a lack of candidate.
History will tell, but a day may happen where architects will be replaced by another trade, just like a useless thing that turned useless because it didn’t evolve.



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