What I’ve done in my life, captured with Google’s eyes.

You can see some projects I’ve been involved in, as I was a site worker or site foreman. They are all milestones in my career and in my life. Here are the buildings I’ve made, with my own hands, with my guts sometime, as some where tough enough to make you doubt about the job you’re doing. Those pieces are on Earth, can be seen from satellites, protect people, configure the cities.

Working on site is a hard labor, it’s cold, it’s hot, it’s windy, it’s wet. At the end of the day your body is broken. We always have to remember, we as technicians, that what we design will be handled by hands and arms in the end. Some progress are made, but….still manual tasks. Each time I work on documentation for construction teams, I remember I had to do this once. And for that I try to make documentation better, clearer, more complete, more detailed. Technology, as Revit software and others, helps us to put what we deal with in a context, geometrical context. For clash detection. Human versus concrete clash detection in my previous job. Context is a key point. And no matter your purpose in the act of building, context is essential, crucial. For workers, it’s a safety reason. I hope I can help here. I wish I do.

I’d like to dedicate this post to all the crazy guys I’ve worked with, who taught me how to play with concrete and rebars and formworks and cranes.

Thanks guys, be proud of what you’re doing, there’s gold in your hands.


Viarme 2001 KTN le havre Auchan le havre Lu haye fouassière Stade Rennes 114 Ifs monoprix caen zenith rouen Viarme nantes

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