Hi folks,

Summer time…..time for some PC cleaning. And guess what? blast from the past… I’m lucky to find this short movie, crappy quality video ripped from VHS shooting. It’s been 16 years since. Not a lifetime, but….a while still.

I thought I should share somewhere, and I guess this is what a blog is made for. It is also a good time in my life to remember where I come from, and also maybe why I go to work each day. I believe this is my past that explains the passion I have for construction and why I struggle each days to make it easier and smarter for the workers.

Thinking further, I believe this is what founded my interest in BIM technologies and processes. Why should we have it hard and difficult when using some brain and silicium could make your day good, efficient, and not exhausting? Why can’t we think it should be done right from the start, and not let laziness and lack of commitment guide the way we design and build our homes?

Viarme 2001

I’ve been there. On construction sites. Leading people, workers teams. Sharing with them under the hot sunny days or the windy wet ones. And at time I wanted it to end. Because I was lucky enough to have school education that helped me to update my career.

So I did. And at some point I ended up dealing with construction engineering and methods. Doing this, by chance probably, I had to learn a new software, to make 3D drawings (sic): Revit. In the meantime,I have been exploring new ways to document tasks for workers, so they have less pain from their days on site. Because most of them are spending a lifetime doing this tasks. Breaking bodies, backs, and hands.

I believe my job is helping them to some extend. Better coordination, better preparation, checking in the virtual world before it turns into heavy concrete blocks, unbreakable walls and floors.

It is not perfect. And will never be probably. But I really feel that my roots from the construction site are guiding me every day, as a remembrance of what I’ve been thru at this time.

Enjoy this crappy video. Probably useless as it is.But… is a great memory for me.


PS:(remember it was 16 years ago ;))

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