Excavation works = masses + Parts (again)

Hi folks, here’s a small trick I use more than often to make excavation calculation on my projects. I thought I’ve already shared this, but it appears that not (kick me if I did, short term memory loss maybe ;-)).
The workflow will be shown in a short video below, but here comes the main steps:
– get a topo from points
– approximate the topo with a mass
– copy paste the form from Edit mode into a new Generic Model, Adaptive; paste option: on the selected level
– load this GM in the project, correct location, correct plane
– make Parts out of it
– divide, join, exclude,schedule, phase, etc….

You may not agree with this, but tell me another way to do that and we’ll start a debate.



4 thoughts on “Excavation works = masses + Parts (again)

  1. Dieter Vermeulen

    Hi Julien,

    Instead of approximating the topo, you could have an exact topo with next additional steps:
    – export the topo to DWG
    – create a new mass and import the topo.dwg in it
    – finish the mass
    – create a roof on the top surface of the mass
    – make parts of the roof

    1. jbenoit44 Post author

      Hi Dieter, you are correct with the topo. Downside of this is that the mass you get is faceted, so the roof. and it’s a part per facet. Worth a blog post if you’ve never done it though!


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