Documenting Dynamo nodes

I was recently invited by Luke Johnson (What Revit Wants) to be part of a website dedicated to Dynamo nodes.

31-01-2016 14-44-24

It is really nice and clean. You will find there a lot of good input about Dynamo packages, and the nodes that are useful and somehow specific.

31-01-2016 14-46-34Custom nodes documentation is organized by packages you will find in the Package Manager in the Dynamo interface, or on this website:

Some OOTB nodes are also explained, as well as some specific workflows.

Contributors are the packages authors, but of course as he’s the one starting all this, Luke has to be rewarded for this at the first place (and he does most of the job :)!!).

The nodes from SteamNodes package are here too, and I will do my best to explain the nodes functions and workflows they are related to.

Follow @DynamoNodes on Twitter.

Enjoy this, and don’t forget to learn Dynamo.















2 thoughts on “Documenting Dynamo nodes

  1. Eskew Dumez Ripple

    The DynamoNodes site is a great idea, one that is very very dearly needed. It fills a need of Dynamo learners all over the world that is not being address anywhere else, certainly not on What I have seen of this site thus far site is great, but I am more excited about the potential – a Wikipedia of Dynamo nodes.

    I find myself spending most amount of time figuring out how a node works, what data input it needs, and what output is to be expected. I spend more time on this than on actual workflow and graphing. Once I know how a nodes works, it is fairly simple to use it in a graph. But the documentation is so lacking, that it becomes frustrating and even counter productive to use Dynamo. Hopefully this site will eliminate that problem and democratize Dynamo.


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