Unfold geometry with Dynamo or with…..

08-11-2014 09-05-19

08-11-2014 09-08-07

Disclaimer: don’t take my workaround seriously.

It all  started here some time ago: http://dynamobim.com/forums/topic/unfold-surface/

Mickael Kirschner told us on Dynamo forum he was working on Unfolding feature for Dynamo. Great! was really looking forward using it.

It is now out as a project on Github: https://github.com/holyjewsus/DynamoUnfold


In the meantime, I was thinking of doing this in a slightly different way, because I know how to unfold things, cause I already had to do it some time ago: ……..for papertoys. Crazy?

08-11-2014 08-51-02

This is my way of doing this:

You must have a cool software named Pepakura Designer. This soft is free to use and print stuff, but if you need to export the unfold surface, it’s around 40$.

08-11-2014 08-52-09

I go to Revit and makes some geometry, like cone or curved wall. Then I collect geometry in Dynamo, and export it as STL file.

08-11-2014 08-38-39

STL because Pepakura is able to import it, and then unfold the geometry. That’s it!

08-11-2014 09-02-48 08-11-2014 09-03-32

as a result, you get the unfold surface, and you have the ability to export this as a dxf file. import it back to Revit, done. Definitely a crazy workaround, but…..who knows? it does the job!

Warning: it does not work with complex geometry:

08-11-2014 08-23-28

Back to seriousness, here’s the result I got for the same wall with the Unfold nodes for  Dynamo provided by Michael: I need to learn this!! Great job Michael!

08-11-2014 09-15-22


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