RTC Europe 2014 follow up.

More than 300 attendees for the second event in Europe, sold out. I think it could be named a success. The RTC committee and the entire staff did an incredible job to make it run so smoothly.
I wait impatiently for the speaker letter that will give me your feedback on my sessions.
I get some excellent discussions after my classes, more particularly after my Dynamo class. From my perspective, I’ve reached my goal in sharing techniques for every use of Dynamo, in a way every attendee can start using it.
We also had a great experience with Håvard in our joint double lab using Dynamo for design and structural analysis. It was a bit scary, but we got excellent feedback from attendees.

This is the huge room where I have had to classes. Don’t forget Design Options :).
I’ll be back with some information about the dynamo packages I’m about to publish. Now some more pictures.






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