Live in Dublin!

Hi folks.

I’m very honored this year. I will be a presenter at the second RTC Europe in Dublin. Most of you readers know already Revit Technology Conferences; and to me this European chapter has something special.There, you really feel in Europe, a intimate part of it. Meeting in person Revit experts is cool, but meeting European people as passionate as you is something you can’t describe, much above the “Revit” thing. Just perfect moments.

More details will come in days, but for now let’s have a look behind. Last year at the inaugural RTC Europe, I presented a class about Parts and Assemblies in Revit 2014 called Beyond Design, or what else can people do with Revit after the design phase. if you were there, thanks again for attending and keep seated until the end….And thank you all for providing me great feedback JBenoit_BeyondDesign_01 Time as come to share my handout. I hope you will appreciate it. All I knew at this time is inside, you will get some extras on this blog in later posts. Beware personal information in the document are now wrong, please refer to previous post here or to my LinkedIn page.

As usual comments are welcome.


S04 RTC EUR 2013 Attendee Handout JBENOIT v1 public



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