BIM Milestone

Yes, I believe my new position in Legendre group, French construction company, is a milestone in my career. and this for 2 reasons: firstly cause I’m identified as BIM manager for the group, involved primarily in the construction department, but not only, and secondly for being part of an exciting project: Rennes’s new subway line.

Rennes location

The company has been chosen to build 4 subway stations, and a 1.2 km part of the route in a covered trench. The rest of the route will be will be excavated with a Tunnel Building Machine under the responsibility of Vinci Construction.

In this link, you will find detailed information about stations, n°1,2,11&12 are the ones we have to build. If you look carefully, some Revit screen captures are visible, like this one:

LCO Revit_public


In the next picture, you have the situation of the main site for us, with 2 stations and the section of the new line.



The construction will start by the end of this year, be sure I will share information and pictures from site in coming posts.

The most important thing to know is that I’m part of the coordination process, and that it will be done in a BIM way. All contractors will use Revit, each trade having his own model, spatial coordination will be done with Navisworks. Trust me, this is huge here in France. AFAIK, no other Public project has be done like this before in France.

I’m pretty sure there will be more public statements about this in the coming months, people are today looking at this as an experimental process, and so are prudent with official communication. Main credits for implementing the BIM process on this project goes to Egis, worldwide engineering company. An awesome job has been done until coordination process, each subway station (15 in total), have been modeled with Revit including all trades. And trust me, subway stations are rather complicated buildings. I may share some pictures of those models if I’m authorized to do so. Stay tuned.

BIM&BIG milestones: for me and for the AEC industry in France. Fingers crossed.


Website with more details:


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