Finally! Parts from Revit stairs

It will be a short one, but I really think you may find it useful in some occasion in your trade.

I made a video about the process, a very simple one in fact.

Involved steps are the following (Revit 2014 only):

  1. Isolate the stair in the view
  2. Edit the stair by component
  3. Export as SAT file
  4. Make a new generic model, adaptive template
  5. import the SAT
  6. Explode it! (yes!)
  7. Load the family in the project
  8. Make Parts, done.

Each component of the stair creates a part, and now you are the master of the divisions!

have fun.


3 thoughts on “Finally! Parts from Revit stairs

      1. Jakob Hirn

        Thx for the answer, I better try a few things with it at Monday before asking more questions 😉

        Have a nice weekend

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