Adaptive Big Crane: video tutorials for Adaptive Component in Revit

Here they come. Today I share with you Tutorials about Adaptive Components in Revit, and how to use them for some construction crane.

My goal here is also to demonstrate that with simple components and some key steps to know you can make great families in hours not days, fully parametric, and only native geometry.

The first part is about making the main boom for the crane, from a simple 2 points Adaptive Component. It is focused on explaining the key points for success with AC.

You could find the crane could have been more detailed, more precise. But it would also have took more time. This was quick.

The second part is mostly my personal understanding of Marcello Sgambelluri’s method using inverse kinematic. He should be thanked for sharing this.

You will have to train yourself, and as I prefer learning you how to catch a fish than giving you a fish, the crane won’t be available for download.

Enjoy the videos, and do your stuff. It is simple once you know it.

Thanks for watching.


Part 1

Part 2


Ps: Remember the live sessions on Find bellow the ones I’ve made for AC basics.


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