Health and Safety: moving forward.

As you may have noticed if you follow me on Twitter, we had a special day this week. Mobilization of around 10.000 employees around Europe to focus on H&S on construction sites. More than 600 sites has stop their activities. For me, it happened on a site in Nantes, my city.


Press release

Bouygues Construction

We got some presentation and results from the past 6 years, and I’m glad to see that we made it. Injuries and accidents have significantly decreased to a level that has been never reach before. This is great but far from being perfect. Our D CEO’s strongest message was “zero accident on construction site is upon all the rest, this should be engraved in our genes”.
I understand this as: every one in the company as to deal with H&S. One way or the other.
My personal investment on this is to improve the means to explain to management and workers how it should be handled on site. and why. and for what cost. This is called Method statements, made by Method’s engineers.

Therefore, improvement will come somehow by bringing 3D dimensional documentation. And here comes Revit in the game.
Announcement was made that standards tasks will be now be explain to workers using 3D. All made in Revit. Kind of proud as I’m deeply involved in this.

See below samples of what it is about. Some were shown in my RTC class. We provide to site both pdf and dwf files.

H&S documentation

H&S documentation 2

Revit Méthodes

H&S documentation 3

And for those who were wondering why I have an helmet on my avatar, see the guy in action 🙂



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