Finally I start blogging. Not an easy choice because I like good readings. So I have to match my own requirements here. I hope I will and I promise to do my best.

First off, I have to choose a platform for my blog. This is my first guess, let´s see what could happen. Now a name is also a need. Difficult part. What do I want to express to the people coming here? I will deal with the AEC industry. All faces of the brick. I want to share things thoughts knowledge facts pictures sound movies ideas, with you. So let´s talk together, you and me.

Then I thought about language. Ah. Interesting topic. I’m French, so obviously it should have been a French blog. I may miss so readers from my own country. But recently I met people from the AEC industry. A lot at one place. Fantastic people. We talked about standards, collaboration, data exchange. In large sessions and also at an individual level. That makes me think about lots of things. And the first that comes to my mind was language. How could we even debate if we had no common language? I will be back to this topic as often as I will make my mind clear or almost about this. Lesson learned is that we have in my area a common language or sort of, so I will use English. Most appropriate for me here. And if ever your native language is different and you’re not lucky enough to know English to read me, you have Google translate. Beside that, I won’t check every time my posts to correct my mistakes, I will do my best again but frankly be sweet on this point with me, I’m still learning.

Last but not least, I consider myself as a Revit addict. But I definitively don’t want to start another Revit blog. There are many awesome one’s, for every tatse et every language. I want to deal here with softwares of course, but not only. My passion is construction, and all the smartness human being are able to use for this. I’d like to talk about AEC from the shoulders of the giants, for a wider Point Of View. Great expression to describe how I feel today.

Blogging and having cool posts is a tough exercise. A lot of work to make it valuable for readers. Therefore I expect to have at least a post by week, but I can’t promise I will succeed. Let´s start and see what happens. Also as blogging is a first step for sharing with you, I would really appreciate to have comments. As I follow many blogs myself, I have to admit it could be painful to comment depending on the blog platform. Please do comments as much as possible. Thanks.

Now that introduction is done, let´s talk about AEC, you and me.

Julien Benoit

6 thoughts on “Intro

  1. Srecko Sljivic

    Hi Julien !
    We met in Dublin at RTC14 in the double session with Harvard. After that we had a short conversation about our hard work as civil engineers and how we could save time for the really important topics in construction.
    As I also follow a lot of Blogs and I’m soon starting to learn everything about Dynamo I want to start with your blog at the beginning.
    It’s a little bit funny, you started your first opening text on my birthday !
    With regards
    Srecko from Vienna
    PS: Now I have to read and learn a lot 🙂 See you next year in Budapest RTC15


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